Everyone knows the “Velo” language

The Velo (cycling) language is a thing that every cyclist knows all over the world, something that you can speak with an other cyclist without understanding each others foreign language.

On the bike everybody “talks” the same language, think we all know the pull through sign or how to point out a pothole.

With the Velo Athletic Cycling Club (VACC) I would like to share the passion for cycling I have with you, and make you part of this passion we all share!
Cause nothing can compare with the love for a good bike ride with friends and like minded people who know the language I just mentioned.

This club is all about it’s members, they are carrying the Velo language on there bikes every time they go out.

Sharing is caring and that is what it is all about, share the passion for riding your bike with others.

You can find the VACC here:




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